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Understanding Your Health Insurance Options

November 1

More details on time and loaction coming soon!

This program is intended to help patients understand their health insurance options and explores how changes in health insurance may affect their coverage and costs. The presentation includes the following modules::
 • Understanding Health Insurance Terms – explores the different terms about costs and coverage that patients may hear when deciding on a health insurance plan
 • Examples of Health Insurance Options – highlights some of the health insurance options available to patients, such as commercial (or private) or government-sponsored (or public) insurance plans. This section also includes information on other types of health insurance plans that patients may consider
 • When You Can Change Your Health Insurance Plan – includes important information on open enrollment and discusses other times when a patient may be able to change their health insurance plan
• Tips for When You Are Thinking About Changing Your Health Insurance – provides considerations to keep in mind when selecting a health insurance plan to ensure that their treatment is not interrupted. This section also includes suggestions on where to find more information on commercial and public insurance plans
 • Example Situations: Deciding Between Health Insurance Plan Options – illustrates 5 different scenarios in which a patient may consider changing their health insurance coverage. Also includes discussion questions to encourage a conversation on what patients should think about when deciding to change their health insurance plan
 • Fast Facts – a section that includes a quick-hit overview of each topic covered in the presentation. Field personnel may present this module on its own or use it as a segue to delve deeper into certain topics that are relevant to their audience


November 1
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