Community Peer Groups


New Parent Network

The New Parent Network is a collaborative program between the Western Pennsylvania Bleeding Disorders Foundation (WPBDF) and the Hemophilia Center of Western Pennsylvania (HCWP) that provides support to families, who have a child with a bleeding disorder, from their child’s birth to age seven. We offer a series of events that are educational, social, and specific to families with young children. We want to empower our families with knowledge and connect our families to others in the community who can share their experiences.

In addition, we also offer a mentorship program. Parents who have children with bleeding disorders are on a different journey than the one they may have initially expected. Parents can feel isolated and overwhelmed with feelings of panic, denial, fear, guilt, sadness, anger, and anxiety.

Peer mentoring can be a source of support and comfort. Connecting with families who have similar experiences can offer guidance on this new journey. If you would like to be paired with another parent, please contact either Janet Barone ( or Kathaleen Schnur ( who can help facilitate.

Youth Group

This group has been formed to help meet the unique educational and social needs of children between the ages of 7 and 12. As children grow in their understanding of bleeding disorders and realize how rare bleeding disorders are, it’s important for them to know they are not alone.

This group is for both children who have a bleeding disorder and siblings of children with a bleeding disorder. We plan to offer education programs, social events, and informal meet-ups with other families.

Two volunteers, Kelly Baker and Emiliy Nikithser, are the co-coordinators for this group. For more information or to connect with one the group coordinators, please contact Janet Barone (


Teen Group

The Teen Group is a collaborative program between the Western Pennsylvania Bleeding Disorders Foundation (WPBDF) and the Hemophilia Center of Western Pennsylvania (HCWP). This group is designed for teenagers who either have a bleeding disorder or are the sibling of someone with a bleeding disorder, who are aged 13-18, and are in middle school or high school. The group gathers several times a year for a variety of activities including camp, teen retreats, service projects, social events, games & activities.


The main goal of this group is to support the transition of teenagers into young adults. We help teens identify challenges they face and ways to overcome them. They learn skills for medical independence as well as life skills for independent living, in a fun and supportive environment. Teens also have opportunities to gain leadership experience. Teens who are interested can apply for the Teen Group Coordinator position. Teens in this role help plan and implement events, help inform other teens about events and activities, and have opportunities to lead activities at events.

The current volunteer teen co-coordinator is Ethan W. For more information please contact either Janet Barone ( or Katherine Bush (

Young Adult

Many transitions in life take place during those earlier years of adulting. Some occur as soon as you leave the school years behind and become fully independent, while others occur as you are settling into new careers or life with a family of your own. To support you during these critical transitions, we offer programs and networking events specifically for individuals under the age of 40. Two volunteers, Tori Baker and Samantha Short, are the co-coordinators for this group.


WPBDF Winning Women

The WPBDF Winning Women group is open to all women who are diagnosed with a bleeding disorder as well as a family member or person of support to someone with a bleeding disorder.

We are a group of women dedicated to learning together and building peer relationships. We engage in educational opportunities that include topics related to bleeding disorders, as well as general wellness and mental health. We often add a have a fun, social component to our events.

Blood Brotherhood

Blood Brotherhood events provide opportunities for men aged 18 and over to come together to learn, network, and have fun. Some events are specifically for men who have a bleeding diagnosis and others are open to all men, including those who are a spouse/partner or parent of someone with a bleeding disorder.  John Yunghans and Erek Domowicz are the volunteer coordinators for this group.


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