Patient Assistance

There are a number of assistance programs available to patients with bleeding disorders. Each program has unique guidelines and limits. The Western Pennsylvania Bleeding Disorders Foundation and the Hemophilia Center of Western Pennsylvania work together to help patients receive the maximum assistance needed to meet their needs and improve their current situation. Eligibility varies by program and each program has different monetary limits.

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WPBDF Patient Assistance Fund

The WPBDF Patient Assistance Fund is available to help families and individuals in the bleeding disorders community in unusual, emergency situations. It is supported by generous contributions from individuals, foundations, and corporations committed to supporting the bleeding disorders community. The WPBDF Patient Assistance Fund should be used as a payer of last resort and is not meant to be used to remedy chronic financial problems.

Examples of appropriate grants are for utility bills, transportation to treatment, rent/mortgage support, utility bills, knee/elbow/ankle braces, medical ID jewelry, period products for women with bleeding disorders, and other medical supplies not covered by insurance.

Application Process:

To assist in the review and validation of applications for aid, we accept requests from the Hemophilia Center of Western Pennsylvania and its affiliated social workers. These individuals typically know the candidates, understand their current financial state, and are better suited to determine the severity of the need for emergency funds. They can also assist with creating a plan and connecting candidates to community resources. The social workers submit the individual’s application for emergency aid supported by proper documentation.

If the person needing assistance is not a patient of the Hemophilia Center of Western Pennsylvania, the Foundation will handle the request directly with the third party or the referring physician’s office. In this case, the patient must provide proof of medical condition or recommendation from his/her physician. They must also complete all paperwork to become a member of WPBDF if they have not already done so.


Follow-up calls may be necessary when information is missing or to discuss the specific case when the need is unclear. Whenever possible, the payment will be made directly to the provider. If you have any questions contact Janet Barone, Program Director, at 724-741-6160 or

Thank you to the Hemophilia Alliance Foundation and CVS for their support of this program!


WPBDF’s Emergency Grocery Assistance Program

The Western Pennsylvania Bleeding Disorders Foundation realizes hardship can strike at any time. We will be continuing to offer a Grocery Assistance Program to anyone in the bleeding disorders community who is struggling with a financial hardship. This fund will provide gift cards for groceries, $100 per family member, up to $400 per family.


  1. The applicant is a member of the Western Pennsylvania Bleeding Disorders Foundation with a bleeding disorder or lives in the same physical household as a person with a bleeding disorder.
  2. The household income has significantly decreased and applicant is unable to pay essential household bills.
  3.  If the household has already received grocery gift cards from the Fund in the fiscal year (July 1-June 30), proof that additional resources were outreached before requesting another gift card is required. Applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Application Process:

  1. Click here to submit an application online.
  2. Confidential application call: A WPBDF staff member will review the application and call the applicant to confirm information. Staff may also share additional resources that may help the household.
  3. Efficient, effective help: When the application is approved a grocery gift card will be mailed or emailed to the applicant for immediate assistance.

Period Product Support

WPBDF offers a program to assist women with bleeding disorders with access to period products.

Feminine hygiene products, sanitary products, menstrual products, period products, whatever you call them, they're all the same--expensive! These products are a necessity, not a luxury, and they can put a strain on personal finances, causing many people to have to choose between purchasing products for their periods and purchasing food or other necessities. Having heavy or prolonged periods increases the need for these products, creating an even greater impact on personal and family budgets. This fund will provide gift cards for period products.


  1. The applicant is a member of the Western Pennsylvania Bleeding Disorders Foundation with a diagnosed bleeding disorder.
  2. The cost of period products is making it difficult to afford essential household bills.

To apply, please fill out the online application here:

Questions? Contact Janet Barone ( or Kara Dornish ( or call the Foundation office at 724-741-6160.

Period Products

State Assistance Program

The State Assistance Program is administered by the state Specialty Care Program and the budget renews every year. This program is intended to minimize barriers preventing patients from accessing care of their bleeding disorder. Every situation is unique and the categories that the program can support are broad. There is an application process, and certain income limits must be met; however, these limits are fairly generous. There is a cap on how much a patient can apply for.

Application Process:
Applications for this program are processed through the Hemophilia Center of Western PA (HCWP). Patients of the HCWP should contact one of the social workers for more information: 412-209-7280

Hemophilia Federation of America

The Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA) offers several different types of financial assistance programs, including items for healthy living and job readiness grants. To learn more, visit the Financial Assistance section on HFA's website:

HFA Logo

In addition, a description of drug manufacturer copay programs, product assistance programs, and insurance navigation programs can be found on HFA’s website:

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