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340B Drug Pricing Program Long | Supporting Hemophilia Treatment Centers Across the Nation

The National Hemophilia Program Coordinating Center (NHPCC) video highlighting the benefits of the 340B Drug Pricing Program to hemophilia treatment centers (HTCs) across the nation.

National Hemophilia Foundation: Copay Accumulator Patient Impact

In the age of high deductibles and patient out of pocket expenditures, more and more people depend on copay assistance to afford their life-saving specialty medications. This video demonstrates how Copay accumulator adjustments affect patients requiring specialty medications with no generic alternatives.

What you should know about hemophilia and its management. By Dr. Patrick F. Fogarty

Hemophilia can be a difficult condition to manage, both for the patient and the caregiver. This program includes a short video by Dr. Patrick F. Fogarty that will be useful to patients with hemophilia or parents of children with hemophilia to help them to better manage.


Hemophilia Center of Western PA (HCWP)

The Hemophilia Center of Western Pennsylvania provides and advances comprehensive multidisciplinary care for persons with hemophilia and other inherited coagulation disorders.

The HCWP moved to the following address, in November 2023:

201 N. Craig St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Phone Number during Business Hours: 412-209-7280
On-Call Number after Business Hours: 888-990-4297

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