What Living With von Willebrand Disease Has Taught Me About Profits Taking Priority Over Patient Lives

Maria Shoemaker Any person living with a chronic illness knows that we often must become our own advocates in the fight


Y’all YETI for this?

After a long day of traveling across the country, we were greeted by smiling, familiar faces in the Portland, Oregon

When Copay Assistance Backfires on Patients

Julie Appleby, KFF Health News March 15, 2024 In early 2019, Jennifer Hepworth and her husband were stunned by a large

Vote for your favorite 2024 World Hemophilia Canvas!

To celebrate Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month and World Hemophilia Day, members of the WPBDF community were sent 4 x 4


“I wish more OB/GYNs would be more educated about bleeding disorders. My gynecologist told me to get a hysterectomy, not knowing I had a bleeding disorder. If he had known about my VWD, I wouldn’t have had to make that choice and get that procedure.”

Constance is diagnosed with von Willebrand Disease (VWD), and like many other women in the bleeding disorders community, did not


“We have struggled to be heard, but now is the time to speak up because they are starting to listen! The struggles were worth it, especially if I can advocate and prevent someone from going through all the pain and struggles that I have had to go through.”

At two years old, Cassie accidentally received her diagnosis of Type 1 von Willebrand Disease, severe, when she was scheduled


Travel Grant for NBDF’s 2024 BDC

Educational Grants are Available for NBDF’s 2024 Bleeding Disorders Conference The Western Pennsylvania Bleeding Disorders Foundation (WPBDF) is pleased to

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“We do have symptoms, we are not going to be satisfied with, ‘Oh that’s your normal,’ anymore!”

Before Jessamyn received her bleeding disorder diagnosis, she had terrible, long, and miserable periods. Her family had a long history


WPBDF’s 2024 Academic Scholarship

Who is eligible for the WPBDF Scholarship? Any person or immediate family member of a person with hemophilia, von Willebrand Disease,

Source Bleeding Disorders In Women And Girls State Of The Science And CDC Collaborative Programs (Center For Disease Control And Prevention). (10)

“I finally learned that I was not a problem, and that women do have hemophilia.”

Marisa has mild hemophilia A, but she didn’t receive her diagnosis until she was 31 years old. Growing up as


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Program and Events Coordinator Summer 2024 Internship Summary Responsible for assisting in planning and managing WPBDF’s programs and fundraising initiatives; including the


Request a Review of Denied Health Insurance Claims

Did you know you can request a review of denied health insurance claims online? If your health plan has denied a


There are many meaningful ways for you to invest your time, creativity, and talents to help WPBDF operate efficiently and


WPBDF is looking for a Spring 2024 Intern!

Program and Events Coordinator Spring 2024 Internship Western Pennsylvania Bleeding Disorders Foundation Summary Responsible for assisting in planning and managing WPBDF’s programs and fundraising


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Team 4 Rare Kids is made up of the team captains, Christy and Jason, and their children, Seth, Spencer, Xavier,

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