Conor’s Clan is great group of friends and family who have come together to support little 5 month old Conor who has severe Hemophilia A.  Mom (Emily) and Dad (Pat) are new to everything, being first time parents and having the first hemophilia in the family since 1956!  They are so lucky to have such wonderful and supportive friends and family that are helping them along the way, as well as support from the WPCNHF.  Conor is a happy little boy and getting bigger by the day.  The whole team can’t wait to walk in September and hopefully meet new friends too!

Fundraising Tips:  So far our best outlets for fundraising have been social media sites.  We are also relying on friends and family to spread the word for us.  We are planning to send out fundraising letters to local businesses as well as to our Holiday card list.


Visit the Team Fundraising Page for Conor’s Clan