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Super Seven

Tanner is 12 years old, crazy about basketball, and has a rare bleeding disorder. His team is playing in the championship finals, but an unexpected bleed means Tanner has some tough decisions to make. With the help of a new friend, Tanner figures out a way to help his team on the court - and learns there's more than one way to be a champion.
*This book also includes a discussion guide for parents and caregivers.
Living With VWD

A Guide to Living with Von Willebrand Disease

The world’s first book on the world’s most commonly inherited bleeding disorder. Topics include learning to cope with VWD,  inheritance, the medical system, treatment, women’s issues, health insurance. Complete resource guide and real-life stories.
*Written by Laureen A. Kelley, founder of LA Kelley Communications and Paul Clement, Chief Science writer and editor for LA Kelley Communications.

NHF's Playing it Safe

People with bleeding disorders vary widely in how they respond to taking part in sports, exercise and activity. This booklet will provide you with general information about the benefits and the risks of participation, and how to participate safely. Remember, each person is unique, with different interests, goals and bleeding complications. In this booklet, you’ll find information that can help you and your healthcare providers have a discussion about your activity choice. Potential modifications for safety are listed for each activity.


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