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Bleeding disorders are rare and information about them is not commonly known, even within the medical community. Educating yourself about your or your child’s diagnosis and treatment is important, and the knowledge will help you effectively advocate for care and live the best quality of life as possible. In addition to understanding the diagnosis and treatment, it’s also important to be able to relay this information accurately to others including family members, school personnel, other caregivers, and potentially workplace personnel.

Each year, WPBDF offers a number of educational programs that are open to all members living with a bleeding disorder and their immediate family members. Examples of topics include von Willebrand disease, hemophilia, rare bleeding disorders, gene therapy, mental health, stress, exercise, and nutrition.

In addition to educating yourself about living with a bleeding disorder, it’s also beneficial to connect with others who have similar experiences. Therefore, WPBDF also offers a number of social events each year, which are often paired with an educational program.

To help individuals connect with others and grow their peer networks, we also offer targeted programs and social events for the following groups:

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