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The New Parent Network is a collaborative program between the Western Pennsylvania Bleeding Disorders Foundation (WPBDF) and the Hemophilia Center of Western Pennsylvania (HCWP) that provides support to families, who have a child with a bleeding disorder, from their child’s birth to age seven. We offer a series of events that are educational, social, and specific to families with young children. We want to empower our families with knowledge and connect our families to others in the community who can share their experiences.

In addition, we also offer a mentorship program. Parents who have children with bleeding disorders are on a different journey than the one they may have initially expected. Parents can feel isolated and overwhelmed with feelings of panic, denial, fear, guilt, sadness, anger, and anxiety. Peer mentoring can be a source of support and comfort. Connecting with families who have similar experiences can offer guidance on this new journey.

If you would like to be paired with another parent, please contact either Janet Barone (janet@wpbdf.org) or Kathaleen Schnur (kschnur@vitalant.org) who can help facilitate.

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