As you may already know, Monday April 20th is what we call Harrisburg Day. That’s the day when both NHF Chapters in Pennsylvania head to Harrisburg to speak with our elected officials about issues that are important to people living with bleeding disorders. We provide round-trip transportation, snacks and meals for everyone who wants to attend.

But why should YOU come with us?

The Chapter works tirelessly to advocate for each and every one of our members. That said, no matter what – we can’t tell YOUR story. Only YOU can do that. We can tell stories about the difficulties you had getting a diagnosis and how instrumental our local HTC was in helping so maintaining the funding for the state’s HTCs is critical, but it won’t have the same impact as you telling your elected officials face-to-face. We can tell them how expensive your medication is and how last month you  had to choose between paying for your medication and paying your rent – but we can’t convey the emotional heartbreak it put through so Harrisburg needs to pass legislation putting a cap on prescription drug costs. Only YOU can do that.

We can discuss the issues facing the bleeding disorders community – but only YOU can tell YOUR story. Please consider joining us in Harrisburg on April 20th. Call the office at 724.741.6160 or email Janet ( with questions or to register!