Young Adult Group

The Young Adult Group is open to individuals aged 18-35, who have a bleeding disorder or are a sibling, partner, or spouse of someone with a bleeding disorder. One of our main goals is to create a space where young adults can connect, feel supported, and learn from one another. For some, participation in this group helps bridge the gap between attending camp as a youth and participating in programs for adults, and it provides them with opportunities to reconnect with old friends. For others who didn’t attend camp or are new to the community, it’s an opportunity to meet their peers and make new friends.

Events include in-person retreats, online programs and games, and in-person meetups.

Two volunteer, young adults, Tori Baker and John Yunghans, are the co-coordinators for this group. For more information or to connect with one the group coordinators, please contact Janet Barone (

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