What’s an #UNselfie?

#UNselfie is a “selfless selfie”, synonymous with #GivingTuesday. People on social media take photos of themselves holding up a caption after they’ve donated to a cause. On this piece of paper, they describe why they gave to their cause of choice (or write inspirational messages), then post it to social media to share. Download the WPCNHF #UNselfie template here.

Three Steps to the #UNselfie Challenge:

  1. Make a pledge – You can lock in your donation now by donating here.
  2. Post an #UNselfie – Be sure to tag WPCNHF (Instagram- @wpcnhf, Twitter- @wpcnhf, Facebook- @WPANHF)
  3. Encourage (and nominate) others to so the same (write your nominees’ names on the paper and tag them in the post!)