Team Rolling for Ryker is composed of the people who love Ryker the most, his grandparents, aunts, uncle, cousins, and of course his mom and dad. Ryker is 8 months old and was diagnosed on Christmas with hemophilia after a emergency run to Children’s Hospital. When they ran a routine blood test the doctors found out Ryker had hemophilia. Turns out Ryker has more in common with his Great Grandfather than we thought.

Fundraising Tips from Mindy Perry (Ryker’s Mom and Team Captain of Rolling for Ryker): My family hasn’t done much fundraising in the past but have found that facebook has helped a lot, or family and friends have donated, and even contacts through my husbands company. When we found out about the walk my mother and myself printed out packets with information regarding hemophilia, and mailed them to large companies my husband works closely with. The packets of course included an adorable picture Ryker. Who can say no to an adorable baby’s face!


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