VWD Awareness

The website thinkvwd.com has been launched with a PSA featuring Alex Borstein to help raise awareness of VWD. VWD, or von Willebrand disease, is the most common inherited bleeding disorder caused by a deficient or defective clotting protein called von Willebrand factor. Some people may never know they have VWD unless they experience a serious accident or undergo surgery. While VWD affects men and women equally, women have more symptoms due to heavy bleeding during menstrual periods. People with VWD experience symptoms such as excessive bleeding from a small wound, prolonged bleeding after a surgery or dental procedure, easy bruising from small bumps or injuries, frequent nosebleeds, and heavy menstrual bleeding in women. If you think you could have VWD review your medical and family history with your healthcare provider. He or she may order a variety of blood tests to confirm a diagnosis or refer you to a bleeding disorder specialist. The good news is, there are treatment options available if you are diagnosed with VWD.

You can help spread awareness by making a THINKVWD.COM Social Challenge Video.