Urge your state senator to support Senate Bill 196, which would help Pennsylvanians afford the treatments they need by ensuring all co-pay assistance counts towards out-of-pocket requirements.

Many individuals in the bleeding disorders community rely on co-pay assistance from drug manufacturers and charities to maintain access to their high-cost treatments. This financial assistance is often a lifeline to those with serious, chronic conditions.

However, insurance companies are increasingly utilizing co-pay accumulator programs, which prevent co-pay assistance from being counted toward an individual’s deductible or out-of-pocket maximum. Co-pay accumulators hinder the accessibility and affordability of treatments for those in the bleeding disorders community, as well as for others with chronic conditions.

Please take a moment to ask your state senator to cosponsor SB 196 to protect patients in Pennsylvania by ensuring all co-pay assistance counts.

You can send an email with one-click at: https://p2a.co/660ZOKO